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Loyal customers are worth their weight in gold. It can cost up to 6times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. LoyalStar enables businesses to build digital loyalty schemes and provide the platform to connect and reward your customers in a personal and efficient way.

Loyalstaris industry - tailored and customizable to provide you the opportunity to design and implement your own customer loyalty program.

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The loyal star edge

loyalstar reward


Engage your customers and build relationship. Identify your most valuable customers with Transaction Overviews and reward them in proportion to what they actually spend.

loyalstar accountable


Loyalstar gives you control over your promotional strategy and it associated cost. You get instant reports via a comprehensive and interactive dashboard.

You get updated on every pesewa that is sent by your Approved Merchant to your Loyal Customer with ease and precision

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loyalstar trust


Instant cashback into Customer's Mobile Money Wallet means Instant Credibility and Confidence in your brand.

loyalstar commitment


Loyalstar isn't just a technology service. We go the extra mile to sign Specific Performance Targets with you. We have well trained sale executives to get to

to the field to project your brand and ensure that you get customers back to your pump regularly. We are responsible for our actions and works hard to deliver on our promise.

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loyalstar reach


Allows you to see your most loyal customers and therefore target them with push promotions and offers.

loyalstar accessible


Loyalstar Service is available both online and offline. The service runs on Mobile App and USSD platforms; making it more accessible no matter the location of your station. Loyalstar can function

without the internet and submit records when internet service is available.

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loyalstar achieve target


Loyalstar solution is industry-specific and tailor-made to achieve specific returns. It collates data about your customer's behaviour to better target promotions.

loyalstar technology


Loyalstar combines technology with Marketing Best Practices to deliver world-class promotional platform. Our Merchant App gives you smart Point of Sale to instantly capture customer

data and reward them. Reward is received via Mobile money to give customer the flexibility to decide how to spend his reward. Above all, the Merchant panel gives your Operation Managers the relevant analytics and bird-sight view of your nation-wide operations.

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One Card, Universal Rewards

Replace all those losable loyalty cards, and instead use one universal card.

Keep track of your loyalty programs, or discover and engage with new ones that you may not have previously thought of. Get your loyalty card directly connected to your Mobile Wallet or Bank Account

At Loyalstar, we believe loyalty and the rewards it bestows shouldn’t be tied to a select few brands – we think everyone deserves a pound of the flesh. “The customer is always right”! Yes! You are always right and deserve to be rewarded for your loyalty.

Your loyalty goes beyond just what you buy; receive loyalty points or cashback for anything - from walking into the store, to mentioing that brand to your friends on socialmedia. It’s time you were truly rewarded for your awesome loyalty.


A set of Unified APIs and tools that instantly enables businesses to connect their software to our Customer Loyalty platform. No need to design and develop customer loyalty module from scratch. Loyal CashBack API offers customizable API that works great across

desktop an Mobile Platforms. By integrating our API into your existing software, you get hooked onto our ecosystem; so that you can easily tap into our database to identify potential customers, attract new customers, retain and reward them instantly via our Mobile Money and Visa platforms.

loyalstar api developer
Built for developers

Simple, composable, orthogonal APIs.

loyalstar powerful toolkit
Powerful toolkit

Works with any type of business.

loyalstar perfect scale
Perfectly scaled

Robust support for companies of all sizes.

loyalstar seamless security
Seamless security

Trusted, secure, and headache-free.